Fishing Imagery Sign
Fishing Imagery Sign

Fishing Imagery Sign

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Product Description##

Fishing is more than an experience. It’s a tradition. Time tested and full of utility. It’s the embodiment of everything a classic patriot believes in: hardwork and peace. This stunning piece of metal art work puts those ideas into sharp relief.


  • One design available
  • Size: 18”
  • Can be hung with screws or nails
  • Intended for indoor use 

Fishing is a favorite American pastime. It’s filled with delicious little memories filled with glistening lakes, babbling streams and that streaming silver fish that glimmers like precious metal as you pull it off of your line. We thought it would be fitting to immortalize this same feeling with a gorgeously sculpted metal artwork that speaks to the fisherman in you and allows all those memories to rise to the top. 


Product Information##

  • Dimensions: approximately 15" x 30" 
  • Comes with mounting holes
  • Hang with nails or screws into the wall
  • Highly durable 18-gauge steel
  • Intended for indoor use only



 Hand made Metal Art lead time is from an estimated 2 weeks.



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Most orders (to the continental US) are shipped through either UPS or USPS depending on availability. They are carefully placed into a customized, industrial-strength cardboard box to protect your products detail. 

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We understand that things can happen during manufacturing and shipment and to ensure that you are satisfied with your product we offer a limited warranty on qualified products. If you find that the product is not in terrific condition then please just contact us with a picture of the damage or error and we will happily send you a brand new one. Read the full return policy here. 

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How big is this item?

Standard sizing for this product ranges between 15" x 30". Additional sizes are available through custom order request. 

Are these products made for outdoor use?

Most products on the store are made specifically for indoor use. The product will rust if left outdoors. It's raw steel!

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